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I keep getting bugs where tasks say there being done but everyone is doing something else, other than that great tho


That was super fun actually! Pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but it was pretty hectic the first few nights haha. Great times!

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I love the pixel art, great sound effects and music. One thing I would recommend is a pause button. But awesome job sticking to the theme, the game makes for a fast-paced and enjoyable experience! The game is kind of long but impressive considering the amount of time it was made in. There is a glitch I found where the people are working even though they returned to your hand (or maybe it's just me) But the mechanics are really interesting and I would love to see a continued version of the game after the jam!


Looks interesting! Will definitely give a test after job :D

Thanks man! I'd love to hear what you think :)

i hit play and it says press 'p' to unpause, but nothing happens... :/

I have spotted this pretty quickly... Just uploading a (hopeful) fix now!

Thank you for the comment